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Top 5 Books To Give Your Best Friend for Christmas

Top 5 Books To Give Your Best Friend for Christmas

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Books are the some of the best holiday gifts you can give! But knowing which one to give, can be tricky. This is where I come in.

Here’s a handy list of books that will make for great gifts (I’ve read each one so I can confirm they’re worth it!). They’re all good book club reads as well.


Since you’re buying for your best friend, why not get them a book that is centered on friendship? The Air You Breathe by Frances de Pontes Peebles is a moving tale of a friendship that is as rich and complex as the samba itself. A story full of love and tragedy, it’s about two girls achieving their dreams and learning it doesn’t guarantee happiness. Click here to buy the book on Amazon.

Another book about friendships is Forks, Knives, and Spoons by Leah DeCesare, which is a charming coming-of-age story about love and growth. The story follows Amy York as she begins her freshman year of college at Syracuse University in 1988. Before she leaves for college, her father gives her some advice on men and chooses to use utensils as a metaphor. There are three types of guys: forks, knives and spoons. At the heart of the story is Amy’s friendship with her roommate Veronica. Click here to buy the book on Amazon.


If your friend enjoys thrillers, be sure to get her The Banker’s Wife by Cristina Alger, an international thriller that will keep you guessing until the end. Annabel’s husband Matthew is reportedly killed in a plane crash. He was a banking insider at Swiss United, a powerful offshore bank. As she begins a desperate search for answers, she determines that Matthew’s death was no accident, and that she is now in the crosshairs of his powerful enemies. Marina is a journalist engaged to Grant, son to a billionaire developer. While looking into Swiss United, Marina uncovers information that implicates some of the most powerful men in the financial world, including a few who are too close to home. Click here to buy the book on Amazon.

Girls’ Night Out by Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke will make you want to give a hug to your best friend. The story is about three estranged friends, Ashley, Natalie and Lauren, who have reunited for a girls’ getaway in Tulum, Mexico. There’s plenty of bad blood between the three friends and too many secrets. And then, Ashley disappears during their girls’ night out, and Natalie and Lauren are left trying to put the pieces back together of what happened that night and where Ashley could be. Click here to buy the book on Amazon.

Historical fiction

If your friend likes history, be sure to give her a historical fiction novel! The Masterpiece by Fiona Davis is set in the Grand Central Terminal in New York City in both the ’20s and ’70s. We find Clara in the year 1928 where she is teaching is at the Grand Central School of Art at the Grand Central Terminal. Nearly fifty years later, in 1974, the terminal has declined almost as sharply as Virginia Clay’s life. But when Virginia stumbles upon an abandoned art school within the terminal and discovers a striking watercolor hidden under the dust, she’s determined to find out who the artist is. Click here to buy the book on Amazon.

If you need any more book recommendations, reach out to me! You can find me by email [email protected], on Instagram @bookclubchat and on Twitter @HCaliendo.

Happy holidays!