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Steel Petal Press: A bookmark is worth a thousand words

Steel Petal Press: A bookmark is worth a thousand words

For all the bookworms out there, a good bookmark is absolutely crucial! 

Folding down the corner of a book page should be illegal. Right? Luckily, it seems most readers try to avoid that practice. At least I hope so!

However, I know so many people who use the most random items as bookmarks from receipts to hair ties. I mean, if you’re going to use a bookmark, why not go for one that is pretty, funny or entertaining?

Meet these handcrafted, quirky bookmarks from Shayna Norwood’s Steel Petal Press. Shayna is a professionally trained visual artist with a BFA from San Francisco Art Institute. She’s been letterpress printing since 2004, and Steel Petal Press has been her full time gig since 2011.

One hundred years ago, letterpress was the standard for all printing, now it’s a dying craft used for boutique printing. Shayna is committed to preserving the history of letterpress through her stationery and greeting card products – watch her in action below: 

How awesome is that??

The bookmarks

The team behind Steel Petal Press was so kind to send me physical samples so that I could see the quality for myself! And y’all, these are SO nice. You really can see and, most importantly, feel the difference with this technique. Off the bat, I can tell this is a high level of craftsmanship and thoughtful design. As soon as I got these, I immediately retired my old bookmarks and I’m not going back!

Here’s a collection of a few of options (all available for sale on

To view all of Steel Petal Press’ bookmark collection, visit:

In this day and age, where we can order anything from anywhere—it’s so important to support small businesses like Steel Petal Press. These make for a perfect gift for your book club members, mom and, of course, yourself! I’m so glad I was introduced to this brand will for sure think to use them in the future.