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Review: Meant to be Yours by Susan Mallery

Review: Meant to be Yours by Susan Mallery

Editorial note: I received a copy of Meant to be Yours in exchange for a review. 

I’m thrilled to be part of the Harlequin blog tour for Meant to be Yours by Susan Mallery!

This is the first novel I’ve read from Susan and I’m definitely a fan! While women’s fiction is by far my favorite genre, I haven’t read much in the romance department. But I’m also looking to expand the kind of stories I read and so this was perfect timing to check out a contemporary romance. I initially was drawn to Meant to Be Yours because it sounded like a combination of The Wedding Planner and No Strings Attached. And there are definitely those elements in there and much more. Here is the synopsis:

Wedding coordinator Renee Grothen isn’t meant for marriage. Those who can, do. Those who can’t, plan. But she never could have planned on gorgeous, talented thriller writer Jasper Dembenski proposing—a fling, that is. Fun without a future. And the attraction between them is too strong for Renee to resist. Now she can have her no-wedding cake…and eat it, too.

After years in the military, Jasper is convinced he’s too damaged for relationships. So a flirtation—and more—with fiery, determined Renee is way too good to pass up…until his flame becomes his muse.

Renee is an expert at averting every crisis. But is she finally ready to leap into the one thing that can never be controlled: love?

Likable characters

The story follows Renee and Jasper on their journey and I definitely rooted for both of them. Both have damaged pasts and Susan really gives plenty of depth to why they are both so relationship resistant at the beginning. I also thought they fit together well and their slow burn romance worked really well.

It was fun reading what life is like as a wedding coordinator and all the interesting requests from bride and grooms. Likewise, I enjoyed that Jasper is a successful thriller author and he hit a roadblock trying to write a romance for his main character. He eventually uses Renee as inspiration and life soon imitates art.

Overall thoughts

This is a cute, well-written story with, yes, plenty of steamy content and a believable romance. Take a break from disturbing thrillers and spend some with this one. I look forward to reading more books written by this author!

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