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Q&A with Dee Kelly, Author of The Malachi Covenant

Q&A with Dee Kelly, Author of The Malachi Covenant

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Dee Kelly is the author of The Malachi Covenant.

Dee Kelly is a master of suspense, blending historical truths with vivid characters who shed new light on the stories of our past.

His fast-paced, intriguing stories draw readers into a world of mystery, where each character and plot twist reveals more about history and human nature.

Kelly’s novels create alternative realities that blur the line between truth and fiction. His fascination with the intersection of events in history and characters in the contemporary world began in his early days as an undergraduate student at the University of Texas. 

After law school, Kelly became a prominent Texas attorney but he never lost his overriding love for books and storytelling. 

The Malachi Covenant is the first novel released under his own name, following a successful series of novels published under a pseudonym. 

When he’s not writing, Kelly continues to advise prominent companies and business leaders in his law practice. He serves on the boards of a number of arts and philanthropic organizations. Kelly lives in Fort Worth with his wife, Dana, and the center of their universe, dog Scout. The Kelly’s have three beloved daughters.

The Malachi Covenant is a modern thriller interwoven with deep historical facts that will keep readers on the edges of their seat.

Get to know Dee as he talks favorite novels, balancing his law career with writing novels, blending history and fiction and more!

What are some of your favorite novels?

I enjoy both fiction and non-fiction.  The novels I like to read include works by Dan Brown, Nelson DeMille, Steve Berry, David Morrell, John Grisham and Daniel Silva.  When I want to laugh, I read Dan Jenkins.  I’m also a big fan of non-fiction works that involve politics.  Among my favorites are Robert Caro’s Path to Power and David McCullough’s John Adams.

When did you know you wanted to become an author? How do you balance your law career with writing novels?

I’ve known I wanted to write since I was in college.  But young lawyers with young families have little time for anything else.  I never lost the desire to become an author and made a commitment one year when I was facing a big birthday.  I’ve been writing fiction ever sense.  I love my law practice and my firm but I’m equally passionate about my writing.  Not sure there will ever be a good balance, but I try to regiment my writing to early in the morning, nights, and weekends.   It can be a challenge at times.   

How do you decide which subject matter to cover in your novels? What kind of research goes into it?

I was a history major in college and love doing the research that goes into my novels.  For my current work, I probably read portions of 9 or 10 books and scanned hundreds of articles.   I continue to research while I’m writing and enjoy learning new facts and expanding on them as my novel develops.

What can readers expect from The Malachi Covenant?

I hope a page-turning thriller with compelling characters.  The story moves briskly between Italy, Russia and several other countries and keeps the reader guessing about what comes next.  In addition, the historical narrative will take readers into the world of Nicholas of Myra, the saint who would later become known as Santa Claus.  

Tell us about the real-life story of Saint Nicholas of Myra and how you were able to blend history and fiction to create a captivating story.

My research into Nicholas of Myra led me to the story that I’ve written in The Malachi Covenant.  I found so many unique, largely unknown facts, about Saint Nicholas, that it created a world of discovery for me that I was able to share in the book.  I think the manner in which the Catholic Church handles (and has long handled) relics is a fascinating reflection of how the Church has evolved over time.

What are your thoughts about whether science and faith can truly coexist?

This is the question for the ages.  And one that remains very personal.  I wanted to create characters in The Malachi Covenant who cover both sides of the question and give readers different ways to scrutinize their own beliefs and skepticisms through the characters’ journeys.

What are you currently reading and what’s next on your TBR (to be read) list?

My next novel has a working title of The Petrine Symbol and is a continuation of the story of The Malachi Covenant’s Maggie Shepherd.  I’m hoping to publish in 2025.  My current nightstand is full of books but I’m busy reading Shelley’s Heart by Charles McCarry.