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How to maintain your reader Zen on an airplane

Traveling is exciting, educational and rewarding. However, the flying process is not so glamorous. Crowded airports turn into overstuffed planes with no elbow or breathing room. Not only that, the people you’re seated by determines how the next couple of hours will go. And more often than not, people are chatty on the plane. I don’t know if it’s nerves, genuine friendliness or what, but it’s happened to me quite a bit when all I want to do is read a book.

But I have found the key to avoid my book interruption: headphones. Prior, I had figured because I had a book in my hand, it was a signal to my seatmate that I’m busy. But for some reason, they ignore the book and try to strike up a conversation. But when you have headphones in place, it makes all the difference. They leave you alone and you can enjoy your book in peace. I don’t play anything on my phone so the headphones are broadcasting silence but they don’t know that.

With the use of headphones, you can be transferred into your own Zen place with your book. While the trusty Apple pods work, here are some other recommendations from CNET if you’re really looking for tranquility.