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Book Club Questions for The Hunting Party by Lucy Foley

Book Club Questions for The Hunting Party by Lucy Foley

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The Hunting Party by Lucy Foley is murder mystery that will keep you guessing until the end. The following book club questions will have spoilers so if you haven’t read the novel yet, check out my review first.

A group of thirtysomething friends from Oxford welcome in the New Year together, a tradition they began as students 10 years ago. For this vacation, they’ve chosen an idyllic and isolated estate in the Scottish Highlands. The trip began innocently enough: admiring the stunning if foreboding scenery, champagne in front of a crackling fire and reminiscences about the past. But after a decade, the weight of secret resentments has grown too heavy for the group’s tenuous nostalgia to bear. Amid the boisterous revelry of New Year’s Eve, the cord holding them together snaps.

Let’s keep track of all the characters:

  • Heather: the lodge manager
  • Doug: the caretaker
  • Miranda: the friend who is always center of attention
  • Katie: Miranda’s quiet best friend
  • Julien: Miranda’s husband
  • Emma: the newish friend and Mark’s girlfriend
  • Mark: the ‘tough’ guy
  • Nick: the gay friend from college
  • Bo: Nick’s boyfriend
  • Samira: the only mom of the group
  • Giles: Samira’s husband

Book Club Questions for The Hunting Party

  1. There’s plenty of untold resentments between this group of friends. Why do you think they keep the tradition of spending New Year’s Eve together?
  2. We read the book from the perspectives of Doug, Heather, Miranda, Katie and Emma. Why do you think the author chose those characters to narrate the story?
  3. Why do you think Emma picked that isolated location in the Scottish Highlands?
  4. We learn that Miranda has a stalker. Did you think it was Mark at first? Did you have any idea it was Emma?
  5. What was Emma’s end-goal? Just to be close to Miranda? To turn herself into a version of Miranda? What do you think was her motivation?
  6. Miranda is used to being the center of attention and desired by all. But as soon as she feels attention is starting to wane, she acts out in cruel ways. For example, trying to embarrass Katie in middle school by pointing out she didn’t have her period yet. And sometimes she’s just mean because she can be: for instance, outing Nick to his parents and not caring about the consequences. But she also could show loyalty by standing up to a girl who was trying to bully Katie in school. What did you make of Miranda? Is she selfish and cruel with some flashes of decency? Or is she simply just a bully?
  7. What did you think about Heather and Doug storylines? Did you suspect Doug was the killer at some point? Now that Heather is moving back home, do you think Doug will visit her?
  8. Let’s talk about the affair between Katie and Julien. Obviously, he’s a sleaze but what was going on with Katie there? Did she sleep with him as revenge against Miranda? What about the reveal that Katie is pregnant – what were you thoughts? Will Julien have any involvement with his kid?
  9. Who did you think at first was murdered? Did that change as the story went on? What about who was the murderer? Did you suspect Emma or was that a surprise?
  10. What did you think overall about the ending?

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Happy reading!