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Review: This Summer Will Be Different by Carley Fortune

Review: This Summer Will Be Different by Carley Fortune

Editorial note: I received a copy of This Summer Will Be Different in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

This Summer Will Be Different by Carly Fortune is a such a compelling romance about figuring out what you really what in life. I loved it!

This is the first book I’ve read by Carly Fortune and I’m such a big fan now! I see why her books are so popular. This Summer Will Be Different has this addicting, can’t-put-down quality to it. I stayed up pretty late reading it, which is such a rare occasion now as I have a three-year-old and need that sleep! But it was so worth it.

The two main characters—Lucy and Felix—felt so real to me. I rooted for them on their complicated journey. They’re truly memorable and special characters.

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What’s the Story About

Lucy arrives to vacation at Prince Edward Island. Right away, she meets a man named Felix and the two have an instant spark. However, it gets complicated fast as Felix is actually the younger brother of Lucy’s best friend, Bridget.

Bridget told Lucy way ahead of time that she could never fall in love with her brother. While it seemed like a lighthearted rule, there is some truth behind it as Bridget’s old best friend did fall for Felix. But when her friend and Felix broke up, it ended their friendship. Bridget doesn’t want to lose a friend like that again.

So despite their insane chemistry, Lucy and Felix vow never to have it happen again. But every visit, they reconnect.

When Bridget suddenly flees Toronto a week before her wedding, Lucy drops everything to follow her to the island. She’s here to help Bridget through her crisis. But she can’t resist Felix and starts to wonder if there’s something more than just physical chemistry.

Lucy and Felix

Whew, their chemistry is truly off the charts! Some romances I struggle with the actual romance. I feel like it can be too surface level and it’s all about looks. But that’s not the case in this novel.

While of course, they are very attracted to each other, the author really builds their friendship and budding romance as well. It’s much more than just a spicy book, which there is plenty of spice, but it’s truly about finding someone who gets you. And also being with someone very different from yourself, but how you can learn from each other and grow together.

I loved Lucy and Felix and I was all aboard their romance. Lucy is quite relatable as a recovering people pleaser who is trying to find her footing in a new career. She has a stifled relationship with her own family, so to her, Bridget is her family. And even though she’s falling for Felix, she doesn’t want to do anything to impact that relationship.

As much as it is about a romance, it’s very much about friendship and finding your person via your best friend.

The Setting

The story is set on Prince Edward Island, and it’s fantastic! I love these stories that take place in small beach communities. It adds another character to the story and really makes it much more vivid.

Lucy lives in Toronto so going to the island is a wonderful break from city life. There’s the fresh coastal air, plenty of oysters and overall a slower pace of life.

While Lucy can definitely see herself living at the island full-time, Felix reminds her that life there isn’t a vacation, and there’s still every day stressors and such. Island life isn’t immune from every day problems as well.

Still, be prepared to be swept away by the setting and wanting to make a visit to the island yourself.


I love this story so much. This is the ideal summer romance. It’s so lovely, engaging and readable. I wish every story left me feeling like this one did—full of hope and just plain happiness. So wonderful. I highly recommend it!

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