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Here’s What to Read Over the Thanksgiving Holiday

Here’s What to Read Over the Thanksgiving Holiday

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Thanksgiving always comes at the right time—you get a break from work and school plus some tasty food. So what better time to get in some reading and I decided to put together a list of what to read over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Once the meal is done, and as many parts of the country deal with cold temps, you’re left wondering if you should risk it all and go out to the stores for those Black Friday deals or play on your phone while the football games are on. Or you could put a dent in your TBR (to be read) list. I think reading is the best bet!

The following list features some engaging reads that will keep your attention! Each one includes some type of family or friendship drama so a nice distraction from any arguments about politics at the dinner table this Thanksgiving, haha. And bonus, each one has book club questions, too. Here’s what to read over the Thanksgiving holiday:

Daisy Jones & The Six

One of the best books of 2019 is Daisy Jones & The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid. This is, by far, one of the most impactful books I’ve read in recent years. Told in an interview format, the story takes a closer look at what happened to a rock band in the ’70s when they walked away at the height of their success. The story is about the fictional iconic band, Daisy Jones & The Six. Their album Aurora came to define the rock ‘n’ roll era of the late ’70s and an entire generation of girls wanted to be Daisy. But no one knows the reason behind the group’s split on the night of their final concert at Chicago Stadium on July 12, 1979…until now. The writing is so vivid that you’ll feel transported into the ’70s rock music scene. But what you might not expect is this story is full of heart, too. Reese Witherspoon’s production company is turning the book into a TV series for Amazon so definitely read this one before the show comes out. Check out my book club questions here.

Three Women

An impactful nonfiction read is Three Women by Lisa Taddeo. It’s shocking, infuriating, sad, and most of all, filled with truth. This nonfiction debut gives a voice to three very different women, focusing on the complexity and inequality of female desire. There’s no doubt that one of these three women will say something that you will relate to—while there are also areas that will surprise and confuse you. I interviewed the author Lisa Taddeo earlier this year where she said she drove across the country six times to meet with her subjects. Over the eight years she worked on this novel, she spent thousands of hours with the women in the book both in person and via phone and email. She moved to the towns where they lived so she could understand their day-to-day lives. The result is an impactful novel that will stick with you. Check out my book club questions here.

The Hunting Party

I’m in Phoenix so cold here is the 60s but as much of the country is now dealing with snow—The Hunting Party by Lucy Foley is a good “atmospheric” type thriller to read for this time of year. A group of thirtysomething friends decide to ring in the New Year together in an isolated estate in the Scottish Highlands. The story begins on Jan. 2 and a body is found. You don’t find out who it is until the end of the novel but there are hints along the way, along with plenty of curveballs to throw off your inner detective.

What I liked about this one was that while there’s a mystery—it’s also very much a character study. It also shows what happens when one realizes they don’t have much in common with their friends anymore. Most of the group of friends in The Hunting Party are not so likable. In fact, it’s guarantee you will actively dislike several in particular. Check out my book club questions here.

The Huntress

Kate Quinn is one of the best historical fiction writers out there. Fresh off the success of The Alice Network, Kate returned to the writing scene with The Huntress. This one is about a battle-haunted English journalist and a Russian female bomber pilot who join forces to track the Huntress, a Nazi war criminal gone to ground in America. It also follows seventeen-year-old Jordan McBride who becomes central to the plot. This is a lengthy novel (530 pages) but it is worth it! Kate definitely does her research so you will learn much about an area of history that is not taught in schools. Plus it’s an exciting adventure with plenty of twists and turns. Check out my book club questions here.

The Night Tiger

The Night Tiger by Yangsze Choo is one of the most unique and innovative fiction novels I’ve read in some time. This one is a dazzling tale that is part murder mystery, forbidden love and age-old superstition. The setting of 1930s colonial Malaysia is so vivid — you’ll feel transported back in time! If you enjoy fantasy novels, then I don’t need to convince you to read this. I’m actually not into fantasy so I was unsure of this one going in—but I’m so happy I read it! This is quite an emotional story with an unconventional romance. There’s also mythical creatures, conversations with the dead and lucky numbers—and it’s written very well. I remember starting this on a Saturday afternoon thinking I would only read it for an hour and I ended up reading the entire thing. This one is definitely worth your time! Check out my book club questions here.

Miracle Creek

I remember seeing buzz for Miracle Creek by Angie Kim back in 2018. So I was looking forward to this one for a long time and it did not disappoint! I was absolutely blown away by this novel. Part mystery, riveting courtroom drama, character study, a focus of the complicated dynamic between mothers and children, an examination of the immigrant process to the U.S.–there’s so many layers. Miracle Creek draws on Angie Kim’s own life as a Korean immigrant, former trial lawyer and mother of a real-life “submarine” patient. I could tell as I read this how Angie focused on topics that she is well familiar with. The hype is real—don’t let 2019 pass by without reading this one.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!