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Book Club Questions for The Dinner List by Rebecca Serle

Book Club Questions for The Dinner List by Rebecca Serle

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The Dinner List by Rebecca Serle is an original story full of romance and heartbreak. The following book club questions will have spoilers so if you haven’t read the novel yet, check out my preview and review first.

When Sabrina arrives at her thirtieth birthday dinner she finds at the table not just her best friend, but also three significant people from her past, and well, Audrey Hepburn. As the appetizers are served, wine poured, and dinner table conversation begins, it becomes clear that there’s a reason these six people have been gathered together.

There’s much to talk about with this one!

Let’s get into the book club questions for The Dinner List.

  • What was your first impression of the dinner?
  • Here’s Sabrina’s dinner guests: her best friend Jessica, her father Robert, her ex Tobias, her college philosophy teacher Conrad and Audrey Hepburn. Let’s talk about why each person was selected to the dinner and what they added to the experience.
  • In your opinion, what was the purpose of the dinner? Why did it happen at this birthday for Sabrina?
  • At the heart of this story is the romance between Sabrina and Tobias. While there was no doubt they were in love, what were some of the key issues pulling them apart? Did you agree with Jessica that they both felt they loved each other more than the other? In what ways were they not honest with each other?
  • We know that something happened between her and Tobias but did you suspect at all that he might be in fact…dead? How did that change their dynamic at the dinner party when it was revealed? Did you think there was any potential to bring him back?
  • How did both Audrey Hepburn and Conrad help facilitate honest conversation? Why do you think it was important to include a famous person like Audrey Hepburn to this dinner?
  • What’s your impression of her father Robert? What was the turning point that allowed Sabrina to forgive him?
  • Let’s talk about Sabrina and Jessica’s relationship. What are some factors that caused them to drift apart? Do you think they will come back together after this dinner? Why or why not?
  • We learn that Conrad’s wife suffered from Alzheimer’s. Let’s talk about what he meant when he said, “and yet…the beat goes on.” What was he trying to convey to Sabrina?
  • Do you think Sabrina and Tobias would have lasted if not for the accident? Why or why not?
  • When Sabrina and Tobias get the last chance to talk, Sabrina asks him why he was going to their apartment that day. He tells her to re-propose with the more expensive ring and to have the big wedding. But he says:
  • [blockquote align=”none” author=””]”It wasn’t the right one, though. I was still getting it wrong. The one we picked out together? That was ours.” [/blockquote] What did he mean by that?
  • The story ends with Sabrina getting some closure with Tobias—him telling her that she’s the great love of his life but that he won’t be for her. Sabrina then goes back home to find the letter that her half-sister wrote her in 2006. She starts to compose her a letter and the story ends. Let’s talk about what we think will happen next to Sabrina.
  • What would you say are the overall themes of the book?
  • OK, so if you could gather the people you love—dead or alive—who would be on your list and why? What would you hope will happen?

Dinner Party Must-Haves

Alright, bookish friends, this one is totally calling for you to throw a dinner party when you discuss this read! While the group needs to decide on which house to host, everyone can chip in some way or another. First, here’s some recipes that the author Rebecca Serle has put together. You can also buy one of Chrissy Teigen cookbooks, which will have plenty of great recipes to choose from!

If no one is a fan of cooking, definitely check out your local Whole Foods or Sprouts—they have plenty of party trays that you can order in advance.

Now here’s some fun dinner party accessories:

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Since Audrey Hepburn plays such a huge role in this novel, why not also watch her movies? This collection features the movies mentioned in the book: Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Sabrina and Roman Holiday. You can purchase it on Amazon here.

Have a fantastic dinner/book club meeting party!

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