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Book Club Picks for April 2024

Book Club Picks for April 2024

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Here’s a list of book club picks for April 2024!

Grab your coffee or beverage of choice and let’s talk book club selections! Some book clubs love going after the new releases, especially the monthly celebrity book club picks. While other book clubs tend to go for older titles. Whichever way your book club may choose, my monthly lists are ideal for you!

Each month, I select three new releases and two older titles. And bonus, the older titles come with my original book club questions. With so many books out there and recommendations, it can be hard to narrow it down to one book each month. So hopefully this list can help.

Let’s get to the book club picks for April 2024 list!

New Titles

Nosy Neighbors by Freya Sampson (April 2)

Nosy Neighbors by Freya Sampson promises to be an entertaining cozy mystery! It follows two neighbors—as different as can be—who join together to solve a crime.

Here’s the synopsis:

Seventy-seven-year-old Dorothy Darling has lived in Shelley House longer than any of the other residents, and if you take their word for it, she’s as cantankerous as they come. But Dorothy has her reasons for spying. And none of them require justifying herself to Kat Bennett. 

Twenty-five-year-old Kat has never known a place where she felt truly at home, and crumbling Shelley House is no different. Her neighbors find her prickly and unapproachable, but beneath her tough exterior, Kat’s plagued by a guilty secret from her past.

When their apartments face demolition, sworn enemies Kat and Dorothy agree on just one thing: they must save their historic building. But when someone plays dirty—and one of the residents is viciously taken down—Dorothy and Kat seek justice. The police close the investigation too soon, leaving it up to the unlikely amateur sleuths—with a playful Jack Russell terrier at their side—to restore peace in their community.

She’s Not Sorry by Mary Kubica (April 2)

Mary Kubica is one of the leading writers in the psychological thriller genre. And I heard She’s Not Sorry is her best yet. This novel follows an ICU nurse who discovers a patient’s frightening past. Here’s the synopsis:

Meghan Michaels is trying to find balance between being a single mom to a teenage daughter and working as a full time nurse. While on duty at the hospital one day, a patient named Caitlin arrives in a coma with a traumatic brain injury, having jumped from a bridge and plunging over twenty feet to the train tracks below. 

But when a witness comes forward with shocking details about the fall, it calls everything they know into question. Was Caitlin pushed and if so, by whom and why? 

The Husbands by Holly Gramazio (April 2)

The Husbands by Holly Gramazio is a magical realism story you must add to the list! If you like The Midnight Library by Matt Haig, this will be a good pick for you. It follows a woman with a magical attic and…you just have to read the synopsis!

When Lauren returns home to her flat in London late one night, she is greeted at the door by her husband, Michael. There’s only one problem—she’s not married. She’s never seen this man before in her life. But according to her friends, her much-improved decor, and the photos on her phone, they’ve been together for years.

As Lauren tries to puzzle out how she could be married to someone she can’t remember meeting, Michael goes to the attic to change a lightbulb and abruptly disappears. In his place, a new man emerges, and a new, slightly altered life re-forms around her. Realizing that her attic is creating an infinite supply of husbands, Lauren confronts the question: If swapping lives is as easy as changing a lightbulb, how do you know you’ve taken the right path? When do you stop trying to do better and start actually living?

Older Titles

A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles

With the TV mini series version of A Gentleman in Moscow starring Ewan McGregor premiering, now is a perfect time to read A Gentleman in Moscow if you haven’t yet! It’s a wonderful and an unforgettable novel. Here’s the synopsis:

In 1922, Count Alexander Rostov is deemed an unrepentant aristocrat by a Bolshevik tribunal, and is sentenced to house arrest in the Metropol, a grand hotel across the street from the Kremlin. Rostov, an indomitable man of erudition and wit, has never worked a day in his life, and must now live in an attic room while some of the most tumultuous decades in Russian history are unfolding outside the hotel’s doors. Unexpectedly, his reduced circumstances provide him entry into a much larger world of emotional discovery.

Brimming with humor, a glittering cast of characters, and one beautifully rendered scene after another, this singular novel casts a spell as it relates the count’s endeavor to gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be a man of purpose.

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The Henna Artist by Alka Joshi

For a deeply rich and detailed historical fiction novel, be sure to check out The Henna Artist by Alka Joshi. One of my favorites from the past couple of years! And she’s also written two follow-up stories to this one as well so it’s now part of a trilogy. Here’s the synopsis:

Escaping from an abusive marriage, seventeen-year-old Lakshmi makes her way alone to the vibrant 1950s pink city of Jaipur. There she becomes the most highly requested henna artist—and confidante—to the wealthy women of the upper class. But trusted with the secrets of the wealthy, she can never reveal her own…

Known for her original designs and sage advice, Lakshmi must tread carefully to avoid the jealous gossips who could ruin her reputation and her livelihood. As she pursues her dream of an independent life, she is startled one day when she is confronted by her husband, who has tracked her down these many years later with a high-spirited young girl in tow—a sister Lakshmi never knew she had. Suddenly the caution that she has carefully cultivated as protection is threatened. Still she perseveres, applying her talents and lifting up those that surround her as she does.

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Happy reading!