Cindy Burnett’s Thoughts from a Page Podcast: Episode 52

by Heather Caliendo
Thoughts From A Page Podcast Episode 52

In episode 52 of the Thoughts from a Page Podcast, Cindy interviews author Sharon Harrigan.

Cindy Burnett is one of my favorite book friends. Earlier this year, she started her podcast, Thoughts from a Page and it’s so fantastic! Each episode features a different author discussing their latest work. An avid reader and book reviewer, Cindy loves to talk about books everywhere she can.

I’m so thrilled to announce that you’ll be able to find the latest episodes of Cindy’s Thoughts from a Page Podcast right here!

In this episode, Sharon Harrigan speaks about her debut novel Half, writing about twin sisters who speak in one voice, publishing during the pandemic, the inspiration for her novel, celebrating debut authors, and much more.

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